JF6BCC's QSL Cards Album.

This was my standard card during the days that I did not have interest in DX-peditions.

I got my first FCC license in 1992 and went my first DX-pedition trip to KH2 Guam in Jun.1993. I was tech-plus and could only 5 QSOs on 15m CW.... So I bought a few postcard for my QSL cards Hi.

In May 1994, I went to the Rota I. of CNMI (KH0) with JA6VZB Toshi. This was my first serious DX-pedition. I QRVed mainly on WARC bands and 6m.

This is my standard card for small numbers QSO trip.

In Sep. 1994, I went to the Saipan I. of CNMI (KH0) with club members. In this time, I tried to QRV on AO-10 and AO-13. This was my first Satellite DX-pedition.

In Jan 1995, I went to the Palau Is. with my friend JE6DND Katsu after our club's trip to Saipan. I brought my gears for satellites but could not make QSO due to the heavy noise on 2m. On the return way I stayed one night in Guam KH2 and QRVed on 15m.

* Note that the KC6xx was callsign group for Palau until 1997.

In April 1995, I went to the Palau Is again. This design is from the memorial postal stamp of Palau's Independence in 1994. You can see two persons in the center. The left is President Kuniwo Nakamura of Palau and the right is President Bill Clinton of U.S.A.

In Sep. and Nov. of 1995, I went to the Saipan I. for our club trip. in Sep. I looked for a place (Hotel) to operate ham radio and found a good condominium. This photo was taken at this time. I tried to QRV by this antenna and checked the Interfarences. After that I went to Palau and stayed a few days. In Nov. I escoted our club trip of 11 persons and QRVed from there including AO-10/13 satellite.

In July. 1995, I went to the Pohnpei I. of FSM (V6) and QRVed in 30~10m. This photo was taken at the beach of an inhabitad island - named "Na".

During Sep. 1996 ~ May. 1998, I lived in Palau and QRVed from there mainly on 20/15m. The left one is my card and the right one is for Club station. In the end of 1996, the government of Palau accepted to use their new prifix T8 and started to issued new callsigns. My KC6IY license had renewed in early 1997 and then I started QRV with my new callsign. I brought my satellite gears and waited for the lounch of Phase-3D new sat, but I returned to Japan in May.1998.

I re-started my ham life in Sep. 2000. Mainly on Satellite.

In Jan. 2002 I went to KH2 Guam with our club members. I tried to QRV on AO-40 etc from there.

In May. 2002 I went to Chichi-jima of Ogasawara Is. (JD1) and QRVed on many sats including AO-40 and ISS.

* If you made QSO with me before and not received my cards as above, please mail me. mailto:jf6bcc@jarl.com